Your New Boss Is a Millennial


You show up at work and you’re shocked when you’re introduced to your new boss who is at least 20 years younger than you. This kid is fresh out of school, with no industry experience. What is upper management thinking? Did HR even post the job opening?

Okay, first thing’s first. What’s the real problem here? Are you upset that you didn’t get promoted? Or that you are now required to train someone who is making more than you? Is it just a matter of a bruised ego? No matter what it is, get over it. The reality is that this is a common workforce trend – older workers working for younger bosses. This trend isn’t going away, and if you want to be successful you’re going to have to get over yourself and get on board or find a new job.

What’s behind the trend?

Skillset over loyalty – the fact is that you were probably not considered for the promotion because your skillset is lacking. Gone are the days when loyalty is rewarded in a company. You’re not going to be promoted simply because you “paid your dues.” That’s an old mentality that simply doesn’t exist anymore.

Technology over experience – technology is changing so quickly and companies that have tech-savvy management teams are better equipped to keep up. Experience is valuable, but technological changes can make experience obsolete. New ways of doing things are mandatory to keep up.

Staffing efficiency – Hiring from the outside is easier than promoting someone, because when you promote from within you are essentially creating two changes for your HR team – a move and a hire to replace the person who has been promoted.

Ism’s – Workplaces shouldn’t and simply can’t afford to foster any of the ism’s – sexism, racism, and of course, ageism. A person’s sexual orientation, gender, skin colour or cultural background shouldn’t come into play when hiring someone, just as their age shouldn’t.

Think about it. Complaining about the age of your boss is akin to complaining about their gender or their skin colour. You simply can’t do it.

What you can do

Stop whining and figure out what you’re going to do. You have three options:

1.      Find a new job (Connect with me, I can help!)

2.      Upgrade your skillset so you’re ready for the promotion that you missed out on

3.      Put some ice on your bruised ego and overcome your resentment.

Ultimately, if you like your job and you’re good at it, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. In fact, your loyalty and experience could make you indispensable to your new boss.

So, the ball is in your court. Take some time to think about your next play and make it count.

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