You know you are working for the WRONG Recruitment Firm when ….

  1. Way too much Micro-Managing
  2. You cannot sign up clients because they want a lower fee and your company
  3. You need to talk several managers in your firm just to negotiate a search agreement
  4. You are spending a lot of time trying to explain to clients why you need to charge a higher fee than all other agencies. Knowing full well your company isn’t doing anything different to find candidates
  5. Profit and a portion of your commissions goes to a Head Office that is in US or Europe- some companies even have thousands of dollars of every invoice going to “head office” which should be commission to YOU
  6. Another person “owns” a client that you can sign up because you have a better relationship
  7. “Head Office” does not understand YOUR market
  8. They make you come to the office every day without any flexibility
  9. You do not respect your Boss
  10. Too much Gossip and Office politics
  11. Need to take a vacation day when because you need to take care of a family emergency
  12. KPI’s that do not make sense.
  13. They make you bring in candidates to interview knowing they are not ever going to get the job.. it’s only for your weekly scorecard
  14. They make you make “X’ amount of cold calls every day
  15. Too much of an emphasis on Profit instead of what is important – The Client
  16. Do not see a long-term vision in the firm
  17. It is not fun anymore
  18. You are only there to collect a paycheck
  19. You have mentally checked out because too many issues with the company
  20. You Boss is an ASS
  21. You are on a draw system that is not fair
  22. Favourtism is in the office
  23. Someone looks at you funny when you come in a few minutes late, but you stay after 5 most of the times when everyone else goes home
  24. You cannot bring your pet into work
  25. They make you work Christmas and New Year’s Eve .. Crazy, don’t they know no one works on those days
  26. The company thinks a reward is being able to leave early on Friday’s
  27. You are not allowed to make fun of your manager
  28. Managers are scared to confront issues head on
  29. You are only allowed to work in one industry even though you have a great relationship with a hiring manager elsewhere
  30. Company is making you give up your client to another account manager even though you know they do not have the relationship with the hiring manager

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