Why Hire Single Moms?

Looking for someone who gets their work done right, done fast and pushes harder because they want and need to succeed? Hire a single parent. They can tackle anything you throw at them.


Single parents are survivors. They don’t have the comfort or safety of a second income. They get right to the point, and if something needs to be said, they say it. If something needs to be done, they do it. They don’t have the time for politics, or drama, or mistakes. 

But single parents need too much time off…

Single parents are incredible employees, and I’m lucky to have a few on my team. To keep them, and to get the best out of them, I’ve had to create a work environment that gives them what they need to be successful. 

Yeah, they might need to take off at 2 pm to pick their kid up from school or go to a doctor’s appointment. This might piss some employers off, but it’s business as usual here. Single parents need flexibility. The payoff is that when you invest in employees and give them that kind of flexibility they return that investment with their loyalty, hard work, and dedication. One of the single moms on my team recently told me “I work more hours than I did when I was working 8 to 4 in my corporate job. But I don’t feel like I am, because it doesn’t feel like work and it’s on my schedule.”

I don’t believe that anyone needs to be in an office from 8:30 to 5 every day. If you work in retail, or a factory, then sure, that model makes sense. But in a world where we’re always connected, the old rules just don’t apply.  

Why are you babysitting your employees?

I’m not into babysitting my employees. Unlimited vacation, work when you want, it doesn’t matter; just get your work done. Look for the employees who do things on their own. Who wake up in the morning and motivate themselves. Single parents come to work ready to get stuff done, because they have the most powerful motivator waiting at home –their kids. And they’re willing to do anything for them. Help them and you’ll have an effective, loyal, motivated employee for life.

P.S. Hire single dads too, they are just as great!

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