What Happens When You Get Your Severance?

Over the past few years, I’ve interviewed a number of senior managers that have received a package from their organization and its happened to me to.

When you lose your job, it hurts. It hurts you financially, but it also hurts your ego and can damage your confidence. If you let it.

Losing a job is one of the top 10 most stressful life events. And if you’re not ready for it, the emotional aftermath of losing your job is difficult to overcome, and can prevent you from succeeding in a new career.


Most people don’t see a severance coming, even if it’s obvious to everyone else. Whether you expect it or not, you’re bound to feel shocked. Take some time to digest the news, and reflect on what this means to you, and the opportunities that come with this re-direction.


If you’ve experienced a layoff and you think it’s “temporary” then you’re in denial. The fact is, this is real, it’s happened and now it’s time for you pick yourself up and figure out what you’re going to do!

Bruised Ego

You’ll inevitably ask yourself “why me?”

You probably feel like you’ve given your heart and soul to your company. You’ve worked overtime, you’ve covered for your boss and your coworkers (and if they’re not part of the lay off then you’re probably asking “why not them?”)

You’re good at your job, so why did they let you go?

Wait, are you good at your job?

Of course you are. It’s important that you don’t let a job loss damage your confidence. These feelings are normal, and they lead to…


Now, you’re probably feeling pissed off. How dare they treat you like this. You deserve much better.

You’re absolutely right, you do!

Now it’s time to channel your anger into action. Go out there and find a better position, with a better company. This isn’t a set back. It’s an opportunity.


Ultimately, things work out for the best.

Look at this job loss as an opportunity, especially if you’ve received a nice severance package. Take some time to reflect on your career. Where are you, where do you want to be? Now is the time to invest in yourself and get to a space where you are passionate about what you do.

Another take away that people wish they would have done differently is network themselves as social media is more relevant today than ever before.

When I was on a severance, nobody helped me, but, send me a message and let me see how I can help you. Please connect with me on LinkedInFacebook, and Instagram.

Joe Penic

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