Your New Career Starts Here


We will work with you and your school to find the right placement for you.

New Grads

If you have graduated within the last year, we are able to help you find a role that will launch your career.


Personalized training program, one on one career counseling, and tailored job-hunting services.


Why Hire a Student or New Grad?

  1. Financial Incentive! Ontario companies may be eligible for up to a $3000 tax credit.

  2. They are great brand ambassador for not only the company, but for future talent.

  3. They can bring in new ideas about targeting their age group.

  4. They are eager to succeed; they want the experience, and they want to prove themselves!

How our Program Works for Employers:

  1. This program is a Free Recruitment Service to any Canadian Employer looking to hire a Student or New Grad.

  2. A Recruitment Consultant will work with you to learn about your hiring needs.

  3. Bay Street Staffing will work with the schools, source, interview and recommend top talent for your organization.

  4. You select your top choice, and we will work with your company to coordinate the onboarding.

  5. As the employer, you are responsible for paying the wages of the Student or New Grad, they should be treated as any other employee in your organization.

About our Program

Bay Street Staffing – Campus Program

Our mission is to help 100’s of Coops and New Grads launch their Career.

We believe in supporting our community. Now more than ever, it is very challenging for Students and New Grads to find meaningful work. We want to support them and help them begin their career in an amazing organization.

To support these young minds, we offer Free Recruitment Services in hope of helping companies discover excellent talent and Student and New Grads the ability to discover their passion.