Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have a selection process?

Yes, only qualified candidates will be enrolled in our programs. (They will then become a member to our program).

Why do you have a selection process?

We need to ensure that a minimum criteria is met before accepting anyone on to our program. This includes English comprehension. Once we commit to a student or candidate, we become your partner and are 100% committed to your success.

If I am selected in the program, how long will it take to get a job?

We guarantee a job within 1 year of a signed contract. it will likely be a lot sooner. if an unexpected situation happens like COVID, we extend the contract for no additional charge. Students who are in university presently, and have not completed their studies can be offered 3 to 4 year programs.

What type salary is offered from the companies?

Most salaries will be above $50k CAD annually (250,000-300,000 RMB) and we always negotiate for the best possible deal. If the salary is not as expected, we work with the candidate to find a resolution customized to their timeline. Getting the best outcome for our clients is always our top priority. This means securing a high paying role at a prestigious company

How has COVID affected hiring and job placements?

Initially, the majority of companies froze hiring due to market uncertainty and the guidelines on returning to the office are still unclear due to the Delta variant. Naturally, many international students decided to return home since most universities were offering online schooling. If you are considering enrolling in our program remotely, please contact us and we can discuss your options.

Which industries are most competitive for students?

Financial companies (including investment banking), capital markets, wealth, pension funds, and real estate firms. Hiring managers are often overwhelmed with resumes and applicants rarely receive a response. Our answer to this is our preexisting relationships with hiring managers. Having an existing relationship and extensive knowledge of hiring in these markets is where we come in.

Can you help in IT and Engineering companies?

Yes, we have strong relationships in these industries and could help with desired companies of choice.

What type of industries and companies do you work with?

Banking, Capital Markets, Investment & Wealth Management firms, Information Technology, Private Equity, Real Estate Development, Construction, Government, Education, Retail, Consulting Firms, Human Resources, Gaming, and Skilled Trades.

What makes your company different from the other companies who offer job placements?

We are the only company that will offer a MONEY BACK guarantee if we cannot place a candidate. We offer end-to-end solutions for candidates from resume tweaking to securing a high profile job at a prestigious company and have the relationships to back it up.

Which countries do you support?

We are in Canada, and, in the US, that is where all our relationships are presently, we will look at different countries such as UK and Australia based on demand of our services.

Do you have any social programs for your members?

Yes, we have several different events, functions, one on one time that we can help each one of our candidates. We will have constant follow-up and outside of work events, dinners, social events where our candidates will feel more confident and feel happy being so far from home.

Should I be skeptical about services like these?

Yes, there are lots of services who offer training and coaching solutions, yet many do not deliver on their promise of a job placement at the end of it. We have spent years in building relationships and are a trusted partner to globally recognized companies.
We believe we are the only company who offer:
▶︎In depth training – up to a 4-year program
▶︎Knowledge on how internal recruitment works in large companies
▶︎Strong relationships and partnerships with talent acquisition within companies in North America
▶︎Strong relationships with Hiring Managers
▶︎Money Back Guarantee*
▶︎After Job Placement career services for candidate’s next career goal

Before I make a decision on what career services company I should engage with, what questions should I ask?

▶︎Do you offer a money back guarantee if I am not placed?
▶︎Are you approved vendor for any of these companies in Canada or US?
▶︎Even though your website shows job offers, can you show us your approved vendor letter from the companies you get job offers from?
▶︎Can I see your company on LinkedIn and how many employees do you have supporting on this service?

What happens if I want to change the job I received?

We will continue to work with candidate after job placement, we offer a 2-year employment guaranteed program. After job offer, we will continue to help with career advancements. We can offer different job opportunities based on our multiple job orders we receive from our clients.

What happens if we can't get you a job?

We will give monthly progress reports to the candidate and family on progress. We will be able to give feedback after each interview. If we cannot provide a placement after a desired contract time, we will continue to work and extend length of contract at no additional cost or provide a Money Back solution.

We are confident for the money back solution because we have been in the business for such a long time, we understand how companies work within their talent acquisitions departments, we know how to get an interview with recruiters and with Hiring managers. We have built many relationships directly with hiring managers in these companies.

What happens if I want to go into a different career?

We will help come up with a one-on-one solution with each candidate to ensure they are happy.

What happens if I get laid off from the job due to company restructure or other similar reasons?

We will help to find another job in a similar field. Our number 1 priority will be to assist the candidate to receive another job offer asap.

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